These tips to enjoy healthy eating without feeling guilty will have you fall in love with preparing your favorite dishes and end up with mouthwatering results
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Healthy Eating Rules #3: Balance Eating & Stop Feeling Guilty!

June 13, 2018

We sometimes feel overwhelmed with birthdays and dinner gatherings. And every time, we tend to blame ourselves for overeating or surrendering to that platter of fried samosas and fatayer or for over-indulging in that chocolate cake. But instead of depriving yourself and eating nothing for the next day, how about learning how to compensate without feeling guilty?

Never Feel Guilty!

You will reach a dead end with guilt! If your idea of making up for that cheat meal you had involves an entire week on vegetables soup, you’re putting your body under strain. The more you swing between excess and deprivation, the more your body stores it all up. It soon learns that each cheat meal is followed by starvation, so it keeps it all – just in case! As a result, your body has a greater tendency to store fat that will then be hard to lose.

Adopt a positive attitude – enjoy what you eat, and compensate for any excesses as gently as you can. When you sit down to a good meal like a satisfying lamb kabsa or give in to the temptation of luqaimat, enjoy every bite without guilt. Then simply be a bit more careful over the next few days, by eating less fat and fast-burning carbs without avoiding them altogether. Make sure you get a good breakfast, go for chicken steaks and fattoush at lunchtime, and eat an apple if you feel the urge to snack before dinner time. To help lose weight, drink water all day long and get some exercise – use the stairs, take a walk or go for a swim!

Top tip: Always keep some vegetables in the freezer, as they’ll come in useful when you’ve no time to cook. Sauté them in your Tefal Expertise pan with a drizzle of olive oil and they’re done!