Comfort foods if you don’t like soup

December 11, 2018

Whether you love or hate autumn, you need to cook the right dishes such as soup. ‎That means warming foods that taste great and boost your immune system with all ‎kinds of nutrients.‎

Most of the time, that means preparing soup, but not everyone is a fan of minestrone. ‎Instead of soup, try one of these other recipes that will warm your belly.‎

Butternut squash risotto

Butternut squash has to be the ideal fall ingredient It’s packed with potassium, ‎manganese and vitamin E, so will certainly help to keep you in excellent health ‎through fall.‎

Roast the squash before adding it to a recipe to enhance the flavors. That’s exactly ‎why a butternut squash risotto is perfect for this season. Rice dishes are particularly ‎satisfying in autumn as they really fill you up!‎

Autumn stew

Sometimes, all you want to do is throw a whole load of ingredients into a non-stick pot ‎and let them simmer for a few hours until the meat is tender and the vegetables soft ‎with a flavored sauce. This is the power of stew.‎

Stuffed cabbage leaves

Cabbage is an underrated ingredient because people don’t know how to boil it. Stuff it ‎with a mixture of ground beef and rice and cook them in a pressure cooker. You’ll find ‎that this often-overlooked leaf is your new best friend!‎

Pumpkin pancakes

Pancakes are great for breakfast or as an afternoon treat and the sweetness of the ‎vegetable really works well. Add some fall fruits such as apples and pears for a boost of ‎vitamins.‎

Stuffed peppers

Among the benefits of stuffed peppers is the good representation of the food groups. ‎The pepper is, of course a vegetable, then you’ve got carbohydrates from rice, fat from ‎the cheese and protein from the meat.‎