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This is how you can organize your fridge perfectly!‎

December 27, 2018

Everything in your fridge probably has its place. We don’t just fit everything in and ‎hope that nothing falls out when we open the door. Instead, we place them on certain ‎shelves even if we do have to be creative with space sometimes.‎

We’ve been taught that food needs to go in a certain order when it comes to the fridge ‎and this is why we do it. But what if you’ve been organizing your fridge wrong for your ‎whole life?‎

Indeed, sometimes we put food on certain shelves that could be reducing its shelf life. ‎So the way you’re storing things in your fridge might be partially responsible for the ‎amount of food that you throw away. This is why you should be careful storing your ‎food so that you can actually cook it using your brand new Expertise pots and pans ‎gifted by your mother in law last Ramadan.‎

So what are we storing incorrectly in our fridges?


Everyone knows that milk goes in the fridge door, right? Wrong! Storing your milk in the ‎door of your fridge is the wrong place because the door is the warmest part of the ‎fridge. Your milk needs to be kept nice and cold or you will end up accidentally ‎drinking a slightly sour cup of coffee in the morning before the expiry date has been ‎reached.‎ Just store your milk on the middle shelf of your fridge and it will stay fresh for longer.‎


Like milk, we might keep cheese in the little compartments in the fridge door. However, ‎cheese should be kept as cold as possible so place your hard cheeses on the middle ‎shelf next to your milk. And remember, fresh cheese means delicious mac n cheese for ‎dinner so it should not be spoiled!‎

The same goes for yoghurts and eggs, so keep this shelf as a primarily dairy shelf. ‎However, butter and soft cheeses can go in the fridge door as this will stop them from ‎going too hard.‎

Raw meat

If you’re storing your raw meat and fish on the bottom shelf of your fridge, you’re right. ‎This is the best and coldest part of the fridge, so no risk of juices dripping onto other ‎food, which causes dangerous contamination. It is also important to package it all up ‎so it’s totally sealed so it will stay edible for longer.‎

Pre-cooked foods

Any that is already cooked such as chicken kabsa leftovers should stay on the top shelf of ‎your fridge. This shelf has the most consistent temperature, which ensures that ‎bacteria does not grow too quickly.‎

Now that you know where everything should be going in your fridge, it’s time to get ‎rearranging!‎