Homemade is always a better option with these gadgets!

December 11, 2018

We would love to think otherwise, recipes are not all created equal and easy. Some ‎techniques can be very complicated, even if they do end up with the most delicious ‎results.‎

While there are some shortcuts to preparing some recipes, others need very specific ‎utensils or gadgets if you’re going to get the best results. And not having them at hand ‎could make you skip over the meal you actually really want to cook so you would find ‎an easier recipe.

However, you shouldn’t give up on trying to create restaurant-quality meals at home ‎just because you don’t have the gadgets included in your recipe book. Having the right ‎appliance can make all the difference and will definitely be worth the cost on the ‎longer term.

So what foods can you prepare with the right gadgets?

A tasty soup

You can always go to the supermarket and grab ready-made soups off the shelf. But ‎this doesn’t taste as good as the homemade.‎

Whether you make it in big batches or by the individual bowlful, soup is awesome and ‎great to make yourself. But if you don’t have a pressure cooker such as Clipso Minut ‎Perfect to combine all your ingredients, you might lose the essential vitamins ‎especially if you’re cooking a lot of vegetables.‎

Melty paninis

While going to a cafe and grabbing a panini is easy, no one likes breaking the bank for ‎what is basically a hot sandwich. If you’re a panini fan, you know that an electrical grill ‎is the only way for cheesy results. Of course, you can cook almost anything on Optigrill ‎‎+ (from burgers to steak and fish) but preparing your own paninis and enjoy them ‎while watching a movie is really wonderful.‎

Morning toast

If you didn’t have a toaster, how often would you actually make toast? You may grill ‎some slices once in a while in your oven, but that means you need to let it heat up, ‎toast one side of the bread, turn it over and keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t ‎end up burnt.‎

Unless you’re making cheese on toast, the best way to get toast just how you like it is to ‎use a toaster. Sliding that handle down and making your cup of coffee meanwhile is ‎way better than frequently checking your toast’s progress in the oven to make sure it ‎hasn’t burnt.‎

Your caffeine fix

All coffee lovers know that no cup of coffee is better than one made using freshly ‎ground beans. So the chances are you have never ground your own beans. If this is ‎the case and rather than running to a coffee shop to grab a latte on the go, invest in a ‎coffee grinder and enjoy fresh coffee every day in your own home. This tiny gadget will ‎mean you never want to buy instant coffee again!‎