All you need to know about food myths!‎

December 12, 2018

It’s no surprise that many of us in the Middle East have ‎our own rules and beliefs ‎about the way we eat food. Maybe you avoid late-night snacks for fear of having ‎nightmares? Or perhaps you’re ‎one of those oddballs who insists on separating potato ‎purée from steaks before eating the dish? ‎

All of us have odd habits, according to many studies:‎

First, some bad news: do you eat carrots to help you see better in the ‎dark? Well it ‎doesn’t work. Continue telling this lie ‎to children to make them eat their vegetables, but ‎just know that you’ll ‎face tough questions from them when their night vision inevitably ‎fails to ‎improve. ‎

Many of us believe that sugar is a great source of ‎energy, despite science showing that ‎the effect is actually described ‎as a quick boost, followed by a significant energy drop. ‎That chocolate bar you eat after ‎lunch to “go through the afternoon” is doing you more ‎harm than good! ‎

Still, it’s not all bad news: the common idea that apples help to clean ‎your teeth are ‎actually true because this fruit includes fibrous content helping to scrub plaque ‎and ‎food residues from the teeth, really keeping the dentist away. ‎

Additionally, there are a few food myths that you’re probably better off ‎without: for ‎example, thinking that chewing gum takes seven years to ‎digest if swallowed? That’s ‎not actually true! And do you still believe that eggs are bad for you because of high ‎cholesterol? That ‎was proven false years ago! So don’t deprive yourself of what is ‎actually ‎a very nutritious food! Take advantage of the benefits of boiled eggs in diet for a healthy lifestyle and ‎have yourself 3 eggs that are hardboiled in a non-stick pot!‎

If you are feeling shocked as you read ‎this, don’t worry you're‎ not alone!‎ Because ‎sometimes, what works for one may not work for another. But there are plenty of ‎myths ‎regarding food that have been proven to be untrue and many more to come!‎