‎2 in 1 meals you should try for lunch‎

October 26, 2018

Are you looking for quick and easy recipes to prepare in no time? These 2 in 1 meals are perfect ‎for you if you’re looking to save time and savor mouthwatering flavors.‎

Fish and chips

If you’re craving a healthier version of fish and chips for dinner, try to prepare this quick and ‎easy recipe in nearly half the time and no oil at all! Start by dipping your fish filets in the ‎flour-egg batter Preheat the Fry Delight at 220⁰C. Place the fries in the fryer basket and cook ‎for 16 minutes. Shake the fries and slide them to a side of your basket. Add fish filets and ‎cook for an additional 15 minutes until fish and chips are cooked through.‎

Chicken shawarma and paprika chips

Slice the chips and toss them with paprika, salt and some vegetable oil. Preheat your Fry ‎Delight at 200⁰C and add the fries to the basket. Cook for 35 minutes and midway around ‎the cooking, shake the fries. Meanwhile, take out your chicken shawarma marinated in ‎cumin, cardamom, garlic and vinegar, out of the fridge. Add to the fries 15 minutes before ‎the cooking ends. Proceed with cooking until chicken shawarma and paprika chips are well ‎done.‎

Steaks and curry chips

Slice chips and season them with curry and salt according to our curry chips recipe. Preheat ‎your Fry Delight at 200⁰C and add the fries to the basket then start cooking. Meanwhile, ‎season your steaks with salt and black pepper. Add steaks to your fries after 10 minutes of ‎cooking and cook for an additional 15 minutes. Turn the meat and proceed with cooking for ‎‎5 more minutes before serving.‎