There are different types of tea flavors and tea time around the world and here is where you can discover them to create your own tea party at home
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The Tea Ritual: Magical & Delicious Flavors

July 16, 2018

When it comes to afternoon tea, the British rituals vary from the Japanese ceremony in terms of types of tea and gestures used. However, they are both times of getting together and sharing beautiful moments. So take a break from the daily life stress and unwind with your very own tea ritual!

Perfect moments shared with loved ones

Go ahead and create your very own tea ritual, by inviting your friends to share some good-quality tea and a few homemade cakes. You could even make a habit of it and really get into the community spirit! For quicker results, you can boil the water in an electric kettle such as Justine few minutes before your guests’ arrival.

After water, tea is the second most popular drink in the world and it’s originally cultivated in China. This popularity has allowed several countries to start many different tea rituals of which the tea ceremony in Japan. Every single gesture is a result of traditions dictated by ancestors and attending a tea ceremony is like going back in time! The Japanese tea ritual uses powdered green tea: first to make the thick, strong brew, then for the thinner tea.

Tea rituals have a social importance in other countries too besides Japan. In Britain, for example, the indispensable “tea time” provides the perfect opportunity for people to get together to catch up or talk business. Young and old alike, they are strongly attached to their tea which is served preferably with a lot of milk and sometimes a little sugar. If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, then don’t forget that your tea will be made with mint if you go to North Africa, or with milk and spices if you’re visiting Mongolia.

In the Middle East, it’s customary that people gather around and unwind around a cup of tea, while chatting and discussing daily topics. Tea in the Middle Eastern countries is usually served before a meal and/or after eating. It’s even served with all types of desserts and breakfast dishes such as pancakes !