If you are wondering how to use a pressure cooker for the very first time in your life you definitely need to read our guide to prepare your pot before cooking
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How to use your pressure cooker for the very first time

December 17, 2018

So you’re the lucky owner of a brand new pressure cooker. Now what? If you feel intimidated and you wonder how to use your pressure cooker for the very first time, follow these simple tips to cook your favorite meals in no time!

Read the instructions

Before you start using a pressure cooker like Clipso Minut Perfect, make sure you read and understand the instructions written in the manual included in the packaging.

Check the body and attachments

You should understand how to use a pressure cooker in a safe way : examine every side of your pressure cooker before you use it including the pot, lid and attachments that come along. Check if the pot is dented or cracked as well because they can release very hot steam that can burn you.

Do a water test

To ensure that you can build enough pressure, maintain it and release it correctly, make sure you do a water test by filling your pressure. Try the following:
Fill your pot with 1L of water
Select a cooking position (or set the knob to the highest setting) and close the lid.
Place your pot on high heat and wait for the pressure indicator to come up to let you know that the pressure cooker is under pressure.
Lower the heat to medium low and leave your pressure cooker on the heat for 5 minutes.
Remove your pressure cooker from the stovetop and keep it off the heat for 10 minutes.
Release the steam naturally or using the steam release function for a quicker process.
Now that your pressure cooker is ready to be used, you can use it immediately or store it for further use. Happy cooking!