Popular cooking oils and how to use them in your recipes

October 26, 2018

Not all cooking oils are to be used the same way; each type requires a different temperature and a ‎different shelf life. It also contains different nutritional values. Find below the most popular ‎cooking oils in the region and how to use them in your recipes!‎

‎ Olive oil

When you consume this oil in moderate quantities, the non-saturated fats contained in olive ‎oil are healthy for your heart. However, you should never use it for deep frying because it ‎cannot handle high temperature. Heat 2 tbsp of this oil in an Intuition stainless steel non-stick ‎pan before searing tuna steaks while preparing a delicious garlicky lime and coriander tuna ‎steaks recipe.‎

‎ Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is rich in vitamin e and can be used in grilling, searing and deep frying because ‎of its resistance to high temperature. It’s perfect to prepare this stir fried beef recipe and you ‎can even use it while preparing raw salads dressings!‎

‎ Canola oil

This type of oil is rich in omega 3, and is perfect for deep frying since it’s strongly resistant to ‎high temperature. Use it in countless preparations such as mouthwatering lamb and apricot ‎tanjine and fish and chips.‎

‎ Peanut oil

Mostly used in Asian cuisine, peanut oil is one of the healthiest oils, being trans-fat free, low ‎in saturated fats and cholesterol free. It adds a pleasant yet subtle flavor to your dishes. It’s ‎perfect for deep and stir frying and like olive oil, it contains non-saturated fats that are good ‎for your heart.‎